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  • What is sports hospitality?

    Sports hospitality combines a top category sporting event ticket with premium food and drink, entertainment and an unforgettable atmosphere for guests. Hospitality inclusions range from a choice of fine dining or informal style cuisine before the event and complimentary drinks during the day, to dedicated hosts who will look after you and your guests from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. It is a valued bonding experience for friends, family and business contacts alike.

    Who can attend sports hospitality events?

    Corporates and businesses

    Traditionally sports hospitality was built for corporates and businesses, whether you are a CEO and want to treat your colleagues, or a Sales and Marketing Manager who wants to entertain key clients, this is a great opportunity for your business. Hospitality offers an informal set up outside of the office in a relaxed atmosphere. For corporates and businesses, we recommend private suites and/or a seated dining option for you and your guests.


    Sports hospitality isn’t only for businesses, individuals can enjoy this experience too. Take your friends, family or even attend by yourself. For individuals, we encourage shared lounges with an informal and vibrant atmosphere as the best hospitality package for you.

    A typical day

    • Arrive approximately three hours before the sporting event
    • Gain early access to the hospitality lounge
    • Be welcomed with a drink on arrival, and take in the vibrant atmosphere
    • Enjoy superb pre-match hospitality with guest speakers while you enjoy food and drinks
    • Make your way directly to your top category seats in the stadium just a short stroll away
    • Enjoy post-match entertainment, food and drinks at the hospitality venue whilst allowing the crowd to clear

    What are the benefits?

    Corporates and businesses

    • The number one reason for investment in corporate hospitality is building stronger relationships.
    • On average, sports hospitality events offer 6 hours of face to face time with your most important clients.
    • The Hospitality Programme provides a short cut to access the best seats grouped in one area.
    • An invitation to Hospitality offers a sense of genuine VIP status.

    “We continue to hear from our clients and from our employees how much fun they had at the games and how much they enjoyed the hospitality provided by your exceptional team…The head of our Executive Office in Tokyo who attended two of the matches has also expressed her sincerest gratitude and she lauded how tasty the canapés and dishes were, how attentive the staff was, and how well-run the suite was by your team. The existence of the suite not only provided us an opportunity to entertain our clients, but it also proved to be a logistical advantage as most of our clients were able to beat the traffic by arriving early, which hugely attributed to their overall smooth experience.”
    – Financial Services Industry


    Enhance your average sporting event with hospitality. Create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for your friends, family or take an adventure and try it by yourself.

    What does STH Japan sports hospitality offer?

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